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FutureVoice Casting

FUTURE SOUND is a full-service audio recording studio and production company catering to the needs of the advertising, music, video, internet and multimedia worlds. Based in Amsterdam Noord, their new studio is located in a peaceful setting amidst woods and scenic canals and houseboats.

Our services include:

Audio post production for TV/radio/theatre/new media

Original music composition & soundalikes

Sound Design

Voice over recording/directing/producing

Dutch voiceover casting/recording/localisation


Audio restoration

Translation services (between English, Dutch, German)

Connectivity worldwide via SourceConnect/Skype/Nicecast

Location sound recording

Format/file conversions

FUTURE SOUND's crew are experienced with major agencies and clients worldwide, from San Francisco and New York, to Amsterdam, London, Australia, Hamburg and Berlin.


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a minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels is recommended



11|10 - We've added a pair of Dynaudio BM12A monitors and a TubeTech SMC 2BM mastering compressor to the control room

10|10 - OHM/Chatney TV location recordings & post for Nederland 2

09|10 - C&A Europe TV music & post

04|10 - Just added a Brauner VMX Multipattern microphone to the arsenal - for gorgeous vocal sounds....