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Years of experience and attention to detail..

FUTURE SOUND AMSTERDAM is pleased to announce the opening of its new facility in Amsterdam Noord. Located between the WH Vliegenbos woods and the Nieuwendammerkade harbour, our brand new studio features a custom-built acoustically-treated vocal booth and studio, high-end audio gear, worldwide connectivity and was specifically designed to provide a comfortable, relaxing and efficient environment in which to work. And yet this rustic setting is just minutes away from the hectic centre of Amsterdam, and with free parking.

FUTURE SOUND's crew are experienced with major agencies and clients worldwide, from San Francisco and New York, to Amsterdam, London, Australia, Hamburg and Berlin. Our attention to detail and broad international experience guarantees a caring, creative, and enjoyable working environment.

FUTURE SOUND AMSTERDAM’s crew are also native English speakers, which can be invaluable for English-language trans-European projects. But naturally, they also speak Dutch and have been involved in the production of numerous Dutch ad campaigns and productions.


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