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FutureVoice Casting
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in the studio
Pro Tools 8 on HD-3 TDM & Logic Pro 9
Brauner VMX Multipattern/Neumann/Rode/AKG/Audio Technica microphones
Apogee and Digi 192 converters, TubeTech SMC 2BM mastering compressor, Avalon/Focusrite mic pre-amps
Mac Pro 8-Core Xeon & G5 Quad
High-quality TDM processing plugins (Waves Platinum, Massey, SSL G series, Air), effects and virtual synths/samplers (Komplete Native Instruments package, EastWest Symphonic Orchestra/Choirs, Reason, and much more)
Command 8 controller & SPL MTC 2381 talkback/monitor system
Acoustically treated voice booth & studio
Source Connect, Nicecast, and Skype options for worldwide connectivity
Misc. "real" keyboards & synths, guitars, percussion, Fender Reverb Pro tube amp
Dynaudio BM12A & Quested F11 monitoring
Widescreen TV for control room & linked monitor for voice booth
Nagra location recorder
Massive Sound Effects Libraries on dedicated hard drive
Production Music libraries
Laptop/Digidesign/boom mic combos for outdoors/location recording
Portable PA system
Beyer-Dynamic headphones
Free Parking
Wireless (wifi) internet for your laptop
Quiet, relaxing environment by woods and canal, but still very close to centre of town
Coffee/espresso/tea/beer/wine/soft drinks
Across the canal is a lovely pub/cafe
If we don't have something you need, we'll rent it


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