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Worldwide connectivity with Source Connect, Nicecast, Skype

Source Connect is an ever-growing alternative to ISDN. Connections are handled over the Internet, rather than via ISDN lines. Source-Connect eliminates the need for expensive ISDN lines and minute-by-minute line charges, enabling high-quality connections between studios, voiceover talent, and musicians anywhere in the world, with no worrying about the ticking clock of expensive ISDN line charges.

Source-Connect enables audio connections between Pro Tools systems anywhere in the world, allowing direct-to-timeline recording with real-time, broadcast-quality audio.

Source-Connect also operates seamlessly with ISDN codecs when used in conjunction with bridging services, though extra ISDN per-minute bridging charges will apply.

Alternately, if someone at another location simply wants to listen in to a session, we can send the audio "live" over the internet using Nicecast, where it may be heard in high quality through a broadband connection via their iTunes. Also, we use Skype as a phonepatch system, which provides much cheaper calling costs than traditional phone patch systems.


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